Some people have Ghost Writers. With us you get Ghost SEOs.

We’re here to solve your Local SEO problems without getting in your way. Got a client that needs massive citations work? We do that. Perhaps a client is looking to increase their local presence across the board and needs local landing pages for their 1000s of locations. We’ve got the tools to do the work quickly. Or maybe you just want some ideas on how to handle things on your own? We can help you there too.
Let’s chat for a second about what makes us unique in this world filled with copycat companies. Everything we do is custom. No recycling, no repurposing content, nothing gets repeated. We provide unique, quality solutions to every challenge put before us. This means that when you hire us, each client and project gets our full-on custom treatment. Which can include:
A trip through our Local Website Grader that determines exactly what the issues are with a website. This helps you achieving better local rankings.
Using our specialized Citation Grader to determine not only problems with citations but displays an overall citation score. This allows a company to see a snapshot of their online business health.
Dedicated Local Reputation Management across the board for all locations. We will consult on getting reviews, social media campaigns, and increasing markets.

Need better results? Here are three sure-fire steps:
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All of this wrapped up in simple White Label services. In fact, we’re so White Label, you’ll wonder if we really are ghosts.