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You’ve got local problems. We’ve got local solutions.

Here’s the problem: When the business started you had one, maybe two locations. Then it grew. And grew. And now your sitting at hundreds or thousands of locations and have no idea how to “localize” your business. You need Google Plus Local listings. You need hundreds of citations per location. You need local reviews for your services. You need quality link building on quality niche blogs. The task seems daunting because of the sheer amount of work it would take to double check every bit of information, not to mention create new pages on your site for each location. And can you imagine getting high quality, unique content on each page? We’ve seen this movie, it’s called “Marketing Nightmare on Google Panda Street”.
Here’s the solution: Nifty Marketing. We have devoted our entire business model to creating local content that works. We have the tools and knowledge needed to create local landing pages complete with maps, correct formatting, and Google friendly unique content. Our citation management can scale to match 100s to 1000s of locations. We spend hours scouring the web to find blogs to guest post on. And we develop unique exciting ways to get reviews that don’t involve paying off poor college students with Top Ramen.
If you find yourself suffering from the problem above, get in touch with us. We’ll get you the rankings you dream of.
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What it all boils down to is, if you want your Local SEO done right, you need the Nifty services we provide.