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Don’t Get Pigeonholed: Surviving Google Updates

Posted on August 13th, by Devin Harper in Link Building, Local Search, SEO, Small Business Marketing. No Comments

Don’t Get Pigeonholed: Surviving Google Updates Google’s local algorithm update, named “Pigeon” by Search Engine Land, is the latest of many Google updates that have left business owners wondering whether or not they’ll see increases or decreases in website referrals, leads and business. Pigeon’s effects are still being discussed, but one of the most prevalent is the [...]

Ya-hoo….more like Ya-boo

Posted on May 7th, by Jace Kamachi in Customer Reviews, Local Search, SEO. No Comments

Ya-hoo….more like Ya-boo Well this one takes the cake, and I don’t even like cake! Yahoo is no longer accepting calls concerning your local listings. So when there are updates that need dealt with, duplicates needing removed or just general inquires, we the customer have been left out in the cold to find our new [...]

10 Random People’s Reactions To Google Local Carousel

Posted on June 20th, by Mike Ramsey in Local Search. 14 comments

10 Random People’s Reactions To Google Local Carousel Carousel Results in Local is the biggest change to Google’s local SERP’s since the introduction of map listings in organic search results.  I had no idea what to think about the changes myself and how searchers would react to such a big shift from the normal map [...]

Anatomy of an Optimal Local Landing Page Infographic

Posted on July 16th, by Mike Ramsey in Local Search, SEO, Web Design. 16 comments

The Anatomy of an Optimal Local Landing Page Every website has landing pages. Every local landing page has certain traits. But there is nowhere that explains what pieces of information are important and where that information should go to reach a higher ranking. That was until now. What we’ve done is gone through and checked [...]

The Future: Seen Through Google Glasses.

Posted on March 26th, by Ryan Amen in Local Search. No Comments

There’s already a lot of buzz going on about the coming release from the “Google X” office. Some of the theories floating around about what kind of technology will eventually be implemented into these “Google Glasses” and the possible ramifications they could have on society are nothing less than profound. I am both excited and scared [...]