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Design & SEO SUX

Posted on October 21st, by Nifty Lance in Random, SEO, Web Design. 3 comments

Design & SEO SUX Design and SEO go hand in hand, like teenage girls and vampires, copy and paste, or mustaches and creepers. Design without SEO is just a bunch of hipsters putting pretty pictures on a website that no one will see while SEO without design is just a bunch of people optimizing a […]

Anatomy of an Optimal Local Landing Page Infographic

Posted on July 16th, by Mike Ramsey in Local Search, SEO, Web Design. 17 comments

The Anatomy of an Optimal Local Landing Page Every website has landing pages. Every local landing page has certain traits. But there is nowhere that explains what pieces of information are important and where that information should go to reach a higher ranking. That was until now. What we’ve done is gone through and checked […]

The Medi Center

Posted on December 14th, by Mike Ramsey in Web Design. Comments Off on The Medi Center

The Medi Center is a Medical Clinic/Doctor’s Office in Kenai, Alaska. They were in need of a website design, seo, map optimization, and a pay per click campaign that would put them in front of potential patients. In a short period of time we were able to achieve top rankings in maps and organic listings […]

The Voice

Posted on December 13th, by Mike Ramsey in Web Design. Comments Off on The Voice

The Voice is a Mini-Cassia online website and weekly mailer that focuses on local information, events, and breaking news. Nifty Marketing is a part owner in this venture and has helped to establish high rankings in the local market, and develop a website to handle a continual content strategy.

Snake River Towing

Posted on August 13th, by Mike Ramsey in Web Design. Comments Off on Snake River Towing

For Snake River Towing, we wanted to go with a very basic image based layout that would work well for mobile searches and fast internet look up’s. Snake River Towing has dominated the search results by showing up first on the 10 pack, 3rd organically (still moving up) and 1st for pay per click. They […]