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2-10xing Content For Lawyers In The Real World

Warning. This blog post is long. The conclusions of the tests in this first section can be found here  if you are a skimmer. You’re welcome. Part 1: Tests & Outcomes Test 1: Sub-Page/Blog Roll-Up to Top Landing Page Test 1.1 Here we took a geographically focused page which had subtopic, geographically focused child pages...

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Attorney Reviews Part 1

This is going to be the first part of a multipart series on getting reviews for attorneys. In our Nifty Study, we found reviews to correlate with improved local search results for attorneys. No surprise there. We sure aren’t the first company to preach the importance of positive reviews. Yet, it’s often still a virtually...

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The New Rules of Link Building For Lawyers

So you want to rank highly for a competitive term in your niche. You’ve probably already figured out that this isn’t going to happen without a fair amount of links pointing back to your site. So how do you gain links without doing something that could eventually get you penalized. The short answer is: you...

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The Future: Seen Through Google Glasses.

There’s already a lot of buzz going on about the coming release from the “Google X” office. Some of the theories floating around about what kind of technology will eventually be implemented into these “Google Glasses” and the possible ramifications they could have on society are nothing less than profound. I am both excited and scared...

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5 Reasons to Microsite for ORM

Wikipedia’s definition of a microsite describes it as a 1-7 page site that likely has its own domain name…. etc, etc. you get the idea. A small site for a specific purpose. But why not just make a page or few pages on the main site that has the same information. Often, online reputation management...

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