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When I started I honestly had no idea the whirlwind years that would follow. My first goal was very simple. I wanted to find a way to live in Burley, Idaho and not have to rely solely on the local community for income.

My first year we hit 50k in revenue and I figured I had grown all I could. Then we tripled, and then we sextupled… Ok, I just wanted to say sextupled. We actually Eleventydroopled.

The funny thing is we had no outbound sales team. We grew by providing awesome service and shared everything we were learning on the Nifty Blog, and on other industry sites which lead to lots and lots of speaking engagements, friends, and great opportunities.

That’s when it clicked.


Sharing valuable information and doing cool things lead to great links, great coverage, growing traffic and a booming business. So we started to do the same thing for our clients. It was really hard at first to get them to understand that ranking reports and 100’s of spammy links wasn’t the type of SEO that they should be doing but slowly yet surely, the vision caught on with some help from a Panda and a Penguin and we were allowed the budget and freedom to do better marketing all around. During this time we started getting a lot more request from attorneys. Most of the requests sounded like this:

We used xyz SEO company and had great rankings. But then all the traffic dried up because our rankings dropped. Can you help us recover?

That is when I realized that their needed to be a better option for lawyers than a cheap, automated, SEO package.

So we created NiftyLaw.


It will be a place to learn how to handle online marketing the right way whether it is with us, on your own, or with another company. We have a very simple mission here at Nifty that I am very passionate about.

Our mission is to help good people and businesses grow.

We plan on doing this by creating a place for our friends, our team, and our clients to see what we are up to in the legal space and learn together so that we can constantly become better marketers.

A few questions answered.

Q: Why is your home page a blog and not a normal company sales page? 

A: Because this website is about sharing advice on marketing. People know how to get in touch with us if they want to talk shop.

Q: Is gone? 

A: Heavens no! We have great things happening there. While we want a large percentage of our time to be focused on legal marketing we have found that keeping your hand in other industries brings a lot of fresh ideas into other markets. There is a lot of joy in diversity.

Q: If a chicken and a half laid and egg and a half, how much would a pound of butter weigh? 

A: No comment.

Q: What if I am a bad person? Do you still want to help me or my company grow? 

A: We are honestly not interested in working with lawyers that are jerks and treat their staffs and marketing partners like a lesser species. We also don’t want to work with people who are looking for the secret “SEO tricks” for $9.99. You know who you are and we recommend that you call someone else or become a good person. If you fool us into thinking your a good person, and then end up being a bad person. We will fire you.

I believe that most people are good. I believe that most businesses exist for more than simply making profits. My dealings with 100’s of lawyers overall has been positive and has shown me that. We would never venture into this space otherwise.

Q: Your site seems kinda bare. Is this it? 

A: This is a soft launch. We are going to be adding A LOT over the coming months to the site. Subscribe by email to our mailing list below for blog posts and updates.




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