What story are you telling?

Make sure it is worth sharing.

Every client has a story; they just don’t know how it is going to end. They come to your site looking for a happy ending. We create content for your website that tells the right story, giving potential clients hope.

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Are they listening?

Tell The Story Your Clients Want To Hear

“Showcasing your authentic personality and spirit is what can bond people to you. Sharing these kinds of stories can build trust from strangers, and can strengthen existing connections.” – Stephannie Sammons

To create content that converts you need to know the answer to three questions, “Who is my client?” “How am I going to help them?” and “Why am I doing this for them?” Your story needs to revolve around these questions. Incorporating the answers on your site is the difference between good content and great content.

Who is your client? How old are they? Where do they live? What kind of car do they drive? What do they do for a living? What is their story? Knowing who your client is will shape the content on your site. When you know who your client is, you will know what they want to hear from you.

How you do things sets you apart from everyone else. Do you know what that is? We help you communicate to your potential clients how you will help them better than your competition. Your “how,” stated well, tells people they don’t need to look any further than you.

Why are you an attorney? Why do you want to help your clients? Why are you willing to work late to win a case? The answers to these and other “why” questions help us understand you and your practice. They aren’t verbalized but are written between the lines and contained in the images and color on your site.

Your “why” is who you are and it is the story you need to tell.

Who is my client?

How am I going to help them?

Why am I doing this for them?

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