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Be responsive.

Responsive web design means that you present a unified experience across all the different devices that people use to visits your website. It’s the same page, the same code, styled to look great across any device you can throw at it. And with mobile traffic making up over 30% of all traffic to attorney websites, having a responsive website shows you care about all of your visitors.

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So Simple, So Responsive

Wanna Drop A Hundred Pounds In 4 Seconds?

You may not be able to but your website can. Responsive web design allows us to showcase the important elements of your site to everyone who visits, regardless of their screen size. Don't you get frustrated when you visits a website on your phone and you have to scroll sideways and zoom in to read the text? Responsive solves that issue. Here's the skinny on responsive:

✅ A responsive website means you only have to optimize one site not a desktop and mobile site.
✅ Google has come out and said they prefer responsive websites.
✅ You present a better user experience, providing a seamless transition from desktop to mobile.
✅ You’ll be catching all those mobile visitors your competitors are missing.

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