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Tracking is knowing as much as you can about your money’s comings and goings. Did that billboard bring in business? How is your PPC doing? Is anyone even visiting your website? Without a tracking software, like our preferred Google Analytics, your ROI is as much a guess as how many jelly beans are sitting in that jar at the gas station.

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Tracking Every Penny Makes Jack A Happy Attorney

We want to track everything to do with your online presence. We want to see how many people are reading your blog. We want to know the conversion rate on the new call to action on your homepage. We crave phone call data. Why? Because you can't measure what you don't track. Specifically, we want to track the following:

✅ Total number of visitors from all traffic channels.
✅ The number of leads received (phone calls and form fills) vs the number of cases accepted.
✅ How well each channels is performing. For example, is organic traffic outperforming paid traffic?
✅ Everything that can bring in business for you.

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