Dear Potential Partner…

Good online marketing works a lot like a seed.


Seeds are small at first. They take planting in good soil, nurturing, weeding, lots of sun, the correct amount of water, and lot’s of time in order have a good harvest. We choose to work with good people who approach their marketing like farmers approach their fields.

Being “good” means that you respect the people and processes that bring the harvest, you add value and beauty to the communities you serve, and you are willing to reap what you sow.

At Nifty, we want to work with good people and businesses. Our promise is that we will do our best at being a good partner and will live the law of the harvest in our work for you. If we ever fail at this, then you can call us on it, and we promise to do the same with you.


Mike Ramsey

Good means you relate the the following:


  • You understand the risks vs. rewards and accept them.
  • You are willing to track ROI and make data driven decisions.
  • You understand that good marketing takes time and costs money.
  • You hold us accountable for things we control, not things we don’t.
  • You hold yourself accountable for things you control, not things you don’t.
  • You add value to your industry.
  • You are willing to communicate.

If you’re ready for a good harvest, we want to offer you a 30 min strategy session… for free.

Fill Out The Form. You Know You Want To.

When you submit the form you will hear from Chad Henkel for a free 30 minute strategy call to help you determine if we are a good fit for each other.  Then comes the proposal, then you hire us, then we get to work and give each other high 5’s.