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An increase
of 1,300%

in signed online cases per month

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The Challenges

Not having an online brand that truly represented the world class service
Farhan delivered on top of SEO agencies over-promising and under-delivering.

Past SEO agencies weren’t able to get results and weren’t transparent about the work being performed.

Zero first page rankings resulting in no online visibility.

Spammy backlink profile which was hurting the site.

Hardly any site traffic and a low volume of leads.

No real branding. Generic site and colors, no imagery, and no use of the Naqvi name.

The Las Vegas market is saturated with not only attorneys, but more specifically personal injury attorneys. It is known as one of the most competitive markets with some big players that have been there for years.

Farhan himself could speak to this and knew the visibility and pull that these firms had. He even worked for one of the “big firms” before branching out on his own.

Naqvi Injury Law was founded back in 2008 (known as Personal Injury of Nevada) and Farhan had been building a solid reputation because of his honesty, hard work and skills in the courtroom. His clients loved him.

He recognized the need to expand his reach to more than referrals from friends and family if he was going to take his firm to the next level. However, he couldn’t find a good agency to help him take control of his online presence to generate business from the ever growing digital world.

He had tried working with multiple SEO agencies throughout the years, but had very little to show for his investment there.

Farhan R. Naqvi, Esq.
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Do I think another company could have done what Nifty did? I had used other companies, and they didn’t even achieve a fraction of what I was able to achieve rankings wise and branding wise than with Nifty.

Farhan R. Naqvi, Esq.

His site was riddled with broken links, spammy unknown foreign links, as well as comment spam. The overall quality of the links pointing back to his site was extremely low. See graphic below.

link by type graph
link by authority chart

The site itself was not optimized for Vegas or targeting keywords that would drive quality traffic making it impossible to rank for coveted, valuable terms. It was also thin on practice area relevant content but instead had hundreds and hundreds of regurgitated news articles about events around Vegas that people would read on actual news sites over an attorneys site.

The firms directory listings were a mess as well. There were countless errors across the board when it came to the firm’s name, address and phone number. The majority of listings had the offices old address making it impossible for potential clients to get to his office, let alone find him in local search results.

local NAP info consistency

On top of all the issues going on with his site, Farhan was also very concerned about his ethnicity and race because of how people had treated him throughout his life. His name is Farhan Naqvi and he thought people would be turned off because of its uniqueness, or that they wouldn’t be able to pronounce Naqvi. This was the main reason his current brand and url were Personal Injury of Nevada (, and there were no images of him on the sites homepage.

Naqvi old website - personalinjurynevada

Frustrated with his current situation, Farhan attended the Lawyernomics conference that was in Vegas in 2013. He saw Mike Ramsey (our founder) speak on what lawyers needed to do online to compete in markets like Vegas. Farhan was impressed by Mike’s laid-back, non-salesy approach and loved how he shared information freely with everyone in the audience.

After hearing Mike’s presentation, Farhan chased Mike out the door and asked, “What do I have to do to work with you guys?”. Farhan was ready to work with a team that was accountable, honest, and transparent like he himself was.


A strategic marketing partner with like minded goals and a vision that pushed the boundaries of digital marketing for law firms.

In-depth audit of all digital assets (SEO, Design, Branding, PPC etc.)

Complete re-branding of the firm, site, content, logo and messaging

Comprehensive clean-up of past agencies work (citations, links and content)

Extensive redesign and restructuring of website content

New, all encompassing strategy to take over the Vegas market

Nifty specializes in digital marketing for law firms and is recognized as a premier agency among legal digital marketers.

When Farhan (or Naqvi as we like to call him here at Nifty) came to us, we started with a non-branded url and firm name (Personal Injury of Nevada), a website with no imagery or public face on it, and minimal content. We Were dealing with penalties from Google, no tracking mechanism in place, and no visibility online in the Vegas market.

Even with all these hurdles, Naqvi had a lot going for him. He had a phenomenal track record as an attorney, an amazing office and office staff that could rival anyone, a drive to change people’s lives for the better and the vision to invest the resources and time to make his goals a reality.

It was time to show Naqvi what we could do. We pitched what ended up being the best strategic move Farhan could possibly make for his practice: rebranding his firm as Naqvi Injury Law and using himself as the face of the company. If people didn’t want to work with him because of his ethnicity or unique name, then those were probably the type of people that he didn’t want as clients anyways.

Naqvi Injury Law logo
2013 Naqvi website rebrand and redesign
Naqvi Law 2019 website redesign and rebrand
Farhan R. Naqvi, Esq.

They have led me in the right direction and helped me make good decisions that have branded my business exactly how I wanted.

Farhan R. Naqvi, Esq.

With the rebrand and new website launch in full force, Nifty started tackling a list of issues discovered in the initial in-depth audit and implemented a strategy custom tailored to Farhan and his sites needs.

  • Onsite SEO – optimized content based on the types of clients Farhan wanted to attract.
  • Content Creation – generated and expanded content to help cover in more detail who the
    firm was and what they could accomplish for people suffering from injuries.
  • Spam cleanup – sifted through countless backlinks and removed as many as possible to balance
    out the quality of links pointing to the site
  • Citation organization – edited, updated, and created directory listings with the most up-to-date
    firm information to make sure there was no confusion with where the firm was located and how to
    get ahold of them.
  • Link building – since so many links were removed in the spam cleanup process, we needed to start
    implementing a solid link building strategy. We hit the ground running with scholarship link building
    (generating .edu links back to the site), broken link building, custom outreach etc.
  • Review monitoring and acquisition – getting new reviews on the firms online profiles was a top priority. The competitors that had been around for years were definitely ahead in this area. Working side by side with Farhan and his staff, his online review profile continues to get stronger and stronger.
  • Monthly reporting and phone communication – transparency is very important to us at Nifty. We don’t work being an iron curtain. We want our clients to know what is going on at all times and make ourselves insanely reachable. We stayed in constant communication with Farhan and his team the entire time and continued to do so. We believe that our focus in this area is why we have been working with Farhan for over 6 years now.


1,300% more online signed cases per month


increase in organic traffic


staff members and growing - up from 11 in 2013


growth in leads


more online signed cases
per month

In a short amount of time back in 2013, Farhan’s organic traffic shot up from 8 organic sessions a day to 31 in a matter of months (a 287% increase). Since that time long ago in 2013 to today,’s organic traffic continues to grow and is now up of 1,000%.

His quality of traffic is also growing with the increased volume with his online signed case growth up over 1,300% and total lead growth up over 1,900%.

Signed internet cases of Naqvi Law

The team at Naqvi Injury law has more leads than ever and an ever expanding team to take on the increased workload. In fact, the team has grown from 11 people in 2013 to over 70 people today. The firm will soon be opening a second office and are already looking into options for a third.

The results from this campaign are the outcome of both Nifty and Farhan being willing to push the envelope, try new things and take calculated risks. This is why we have worked with Naqvi Injury Law for 6+ years with many more to come.

Farhan R. Naqvi, Esq.

The team at Nifty is innovative and has helped us come up with a strategy that works.

Farhan R. Naqvi, Esq.

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