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You can’t focus on a single aspect of local search and hope to do well. Instead, you need a complete local strategy that covers all aspects of your local online marketing. We have spent years perfecting what works and what doesn’t for law firms so that you can get sound services and sound advice. There are no miracles, no instant rankings, just hard and focused work that is built to last.


Focusing on Results that Matter

Results from our marketing efforts vary from one market to another, from one practice area to another, and from one law firm to another.
We’ve done amazing things for lawyers all across the United States and Canada in all types of practice areas.

What Local Services Will Help You?

Local Audit & Strategy

We take a comprehensive look across your entire local ecosystem to determine where you are, where other legal competitors are, and what you can do to see better results.

Local Websites & Optimization

We understand the importance of website architecture and the unique challenges of building a website to accommodate lawyers needs. From navigation and schema markup, to page layout and directions we can optimize and build websites that bring you more clients.

Local Content Creation

You need localized content. We have a vast background in creating sharable local content specific to cities, developing local landing pages at scale, and have a deep understanding of what local content ideas will best suite lawyer site visitors needs.

Google Local Optimization

We have successfully optimized 1000’s of Google listings for lawyers. We know the guidelines, common issues, and have successfully navigated all the in’s and out’s that will come up. We understand how to optimize a profile for better performance. Simply put, we rank in map packs.

Local Link Building

Link building can help your organic and map rankings. More importantly, local links bring local people to your website. The right type of content combined with skillful outreach can bring great link building opportunities in your community and help you become an authority in potential clients eyes.

Review Process & Monitoring

We have the tools and know-how to monitor reviews across multiple websites. More importantly, we understand processes that can help you make reviews part of your customer experience and help you improve your practice.

Citation Audits & Optimization

Local directory listings (or citations) are the life blood of a local law firms business. Your core data (name, address, phone number) must be accurate so clients can find you easily. Also, Google uses the data in their ranking algorithm. We can fix, create, and manage your citations.

Local & Social PPC

Paid local advertising can be extremely effective if managed properly. Our PPC team has managed 1000’s of locations with diverse needs, and has the understanding and tracking abilities to ensure accuracy and accountability. We can audit, consult, build, and manage programs for any size of law firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is based on project size. We work with solo practitioners to firms with multiple attorneys and multiple locations and find that packages don’t work well. Generally, for continual work we have a minimum budget of $1,500 per month.

We work exclusively with law firms. That's it. We have found that marketing for law firms is different than any other industry, and we are pretty dang good at it. We are always up for a challenge and many principles are universal in local search. We like to work with good people. That is our major determining factor.

Rankings do not equal return on investment. While we track rankings, the main things we focus on are website traffic, phone calls, form fill, and signed cases. Generally speaking, when we start working on a website overall rankings begin to improve within 1-3 months. As more content is built, you have more phrases that bring people to your website. We rarely worry about a single keyword but look at the data and impression reach all the time to ensure it is improving. With maps specifically, ranking can be based on location, search terms, mobile vs desktop, and other factors.

We build custom reports monthly that cover everything we have done, analysis on what worked and what didn’t, the plan for the following month, and the key performance indicators that are decided on (e.g. calls, form fills, organic traffic, etc).

Yes. Generally, this is for bigger firms that are looking for a premium service.

Yes. Link building, content creation, and citation work are all areas where we can provide focused project work. We do like to know your bases are covered in other areas as focusing on one thing will never win the prize when compared to a strategic approach to local search marketing.

We work in team groups. You would be assigned 3 people who would oversee your project. Teams allow us to stack different talents and strengths to ensure you receive the best service possible.


I highly recommend the folks at Nifty Marketing. Having been through many different "SEO firms over the last decade, it is refreshing to deal with a group that is both responsive and does what they say they're going to do. Additionally, they lay out an action plan that spells out the work that they accomplish each month... I unqualifiedly recommend their services to anyone that wants quality SEO work.

Greg Baumgartner