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Fact is, you are busy. Hours spent managing relationships, hiring and firing companies results is a huge waste of your time. Some of our client’s were managing up to 6+ marketing relationships on a monthly basis! That is a lot of time and energy getting wasted. Not to mention, all-to-often so many marketers over promise and under deliver. This is a vicious cycle. Sound familiar?

There is a better way. Nifty makes it simple by consolidating all those marketing relationships under one roof without sacrificing expertise. Not to mention, you get an experienced single point-of-contact to manage your campaign and projects, not some marketing newbie that gets thrown into the fire to prove their worth. Think about it: do you really want to hang the success of your law firm on a 20-something recent college grad? Hard pass. Your next marketing hire may very well be what makes or breaks your law firm. Let’s get you back to doing what you do best and we’ll do the rest.


Search Engine Optimization

Are you just plain tired of working SEO companies that over-promise and under-deliver real results? We’re with you! In 2011 when we entered the law marketing space, we saw what law firms were receiving for their dollar (automated junk SEO) and we decided to do things a different way: dedicated hours every single month. If you’ve ever wondered what your SEO company is up to or questioned if they’re up to anything at all - you’re not alone. This “back-burner” approach to SEO really makes you the manager and that is time consuming and frustrating. We’ve flipped the SEO industry on it’s head by providing dedicated hours on a monthly basis and that means your strategists will ALWAYS be growing your online strategy, regardless if you’re brand new or absolutely killing it. Our Idaho based team here at Nifty knows exactly what it takes to rank in big cities and small cities alike. So if you’re considering the “Gold, Silver or Bronze” approach, you can guaran-damn-tee eventually your company will become quiet at about month 6. Our full-service SEO approach incorporates content, link building, onsite optimization, Google Business Profile, and reputation marketing. So if you’re tired of the overpromising rants, try the Nifty Way: real time, real people, real results.

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First Profile: Search Engine Optimization
Second Profile: Paid Advertising

Also known as paid search advertising, Google advertising, and search engine marketing (SEM). Our team sets up your campaigns to focus on tracking every single click and phone call without hiding performance data inside your account. Don’t be fooled by the marketing companies that own your campaign and make you foot the bill. This channel is all about performance and making an immediate impact in your market. All too often, law firms come to Nifty after hiring PPC agencies that sloppily manage their campaigns without any attention to detail. There is a better way! Our team will work with you to establish realistic benchmarks and a communication plan that will help you truly understand your ROI. “Goodbye” sloppy spending and loose targeting! Our team will blow your socks off if you are ready for results right out of the gate.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Website Design

In the world of online marketing, a sexy website is like a firm handshake. There are two major aspects of web design that we take into consideration when reinventing your law firm: user experience and branding. The colors, layout, and other web design elements serve as a carefully crafted experience to help client’s have confidence in you and pick up the phone. Even more so your branding will give your potential clients a chance to experience your style and what sets you apart on a personal level. You, as the attorney, are the product and what you do, from a potential client’s perspective, is a commodity. Your website needs to tell your story and quickly communicate why your visitors should stop kicking tires and choose you.

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Third Profile: Website Design
Fourth Profile: Social Media Marketing

Billboards and TV were a great way to get your brand in front of more eyeballs, but it ain’t what it used to be. Whether it’s driving while looking at the phone or simply recording a favorite TV show on DVR - there is no shortage of ways people are avoiding your expensive ad dollars spent on billboards, radio, and TV. Ads on social media have effectively given law firms like yours the ability to compete with large 7-figure media budgets for a fraction of the price with one major advantage: hyper-targeting. Nifty designs campaigns to keep your brand in front of your ideal client until they’re ready to pick up the phone. Whether it's Facebook, Youtube, or banner ads, staying top-of-mind in marketing has never been more targeted or more cost-effective. The result is increased brand awareness, and prospects searching specifically for YOU.

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Social Media Marketing

Video & Photography

Your clients will make decisions to hire based on how well you can transfer emotion via storytelling. There is not a more powerful way to do that than having high-end photography and brand intensive videos that highlight your journey, skillset, and the passion you bring to your practice. Additionally, these assets can be used via social ads and continue to build your brand. Some clients just won’t read 2000 words on your website, regardless of how much time you’ve put into it. Video gives you an additional way to help set you apart. It helps reach clients who are more drawn to visual assets and helps you land higher-value cases. Win, win.

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Third Profile: Website Design
Sixth Profile: Content Marketing

We write content geared for actual people. Google isn’t crazy about content that’s thin (too short), unhelpful, copied and pasted, and/or written for robots. In fact, we’ve studied for years what makes a page of content successful. We also have the strategies you need to scale into your market and pull rank across multiple cities. You can tell your old SEO company the “late 90’s” want their marketing tactics back.

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Content Marketing

Online Reputation Monitoring

Users are finding your law firm, learning about you, reading your reviews and ultimately making a decision on a law firm all without ever clicking to your website. Many times, what others say about you off of your website is significantly more important than what you say about yourself on your website. Nifty has been helping law firms stand out against their competition for the better half of a decade. We'll work with you to implement review acquisition strategies into your law firm's best practices! Let's work together to help you become the obvious choice in your market!

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Seventh Profile: Custom Reputation
Seventh Profile: Custom Reputation

You're busy being an incredible attorney. We make your life easy by getting the metrics that matter most right in front of you. Our custom report dashboard and transparent labor reports help you always know what we're doing and what’s working. Our devotion to keeping you in the know is second to none. But don’t take our word for it, our client’s rave about their results.

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Custom Reporting

Social Lead Generation

Social Lead Gen is a great way to garner attention and trust long before a prospect searches for legal services in Google. Providing valuable information to highly relevant prospects at the moment they are researching can be a fantastic way to build trust and loyalty in your law firm. Social Ads combined with content resources like ebooks, and email drip campaigns are arguably one of the most powerful ways to drive lead volume and are incredibly cost-effective. It all comes down to understanding your client's journey, and what drives their decisions from the moment they start researching legal services, to selecting a law firm and picking up the phone.

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social media
Google LSAs

Only pay for calls (not clicks), and get refunds for unqualified calls. This new advertising platform from Google is completely separate from traditional PPC/Google Ads, and a game-changer for the legal industry. In addition to being located at the very top of search results, Local Services Ads (LSAs) are quickly becoming some of the most trusted results on Google. Why? Because all advertisers must pass a rigorous screening process including background checks, license reviews, and proof of insurance. If you want to establish instant trust with your prospects, and only pay for valuable phone calls, then LSAs are a must for your firm.

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Google Local Service Ads (LSAs)

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