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Google’s AI Takeover: Lawyers, Brace Yourselves for a Wild Ride!

Hey there, legal eagles! It’s time to put on your thinking caps and dive into the fascinating world of Google Search. You might be wondering, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a search engine.” Well, my friends, hold onto your gavels, because Google is shaking things up with some serious AI magic – this time …

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The Complete Local Services Ads Targeting List for Law Firms:

Below we’ve outlined all of the currently available service targeting for law firms in Google Local Services Ads Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) have been available for law firms since 2020. While you can easily see the “parent” targeting categories, it’s tough to know if you can target specific services like Wage Garnishment, Restraining Orders, …

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Are Stars in Google Search Results a Thing of the Past for Lawyers?

People are accustomed to seeing star ratings (also known as “Review Rich Snippets”) in Google’s organic search results. For example: Previously, anyone could implement a piece of “schema” code on their website which would tell Google to display review stars for specific pages in their organic search results. While many law firms have been adding …

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The Marketer’s Guide to Navigating Copyrights For Image Usage

When I’m trying to come up with ideas for content development, I like to let Google autocomplete variations of phrases with keywords related to my subject matter. Doing this helps me understand the types of questions people are searching for regarding a particular topic. This is also a great way to develop FAQ content ideas …

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