Let’s bring this full circle. Social ads (such as Facebook and Instagram) are a well-known way to build brand awareness, thereby increasing the volume of individuals searching specifically for the business name. Our El Dabe Ritter is a perfect example; we observed a corresponding increase and decrease in branded search volume related to the launch of Facebook ads and the budget reallocation.

Therefore, it stands to reason that utilizing social ads has a direct impact on local SEO rankings by driving branded search volume.

What should your law firm do about it?
If you aren’t actively investing in the awareness and interest phases of your client journey via top-of-funnel channels like Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Display Ads, etc – start there. To effectively drive brand awareness, you’ll need to ensure your targeting is relevant and that your ads are eye-catching and engaging. If you’re already investing in these types of advertising channels, we recommend auditing your accounts closely. We’ve included our own checklist below.