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Local Services Ads For Family Law Attorneys

Envision the fusion of SEO and Google Ads birthing a transformative entity – Local Services Ads (LSA) or Google Screened ads. The legal industry’s intense competition makes it tough for small solo law firms to shine online and convert leads into clients. Enter Google Local Service Ads, also known as “Google Guaranteed” or “LSAs.” With our active involvement in this program since its inception in the legal landscape, we’ve witnessed its disruptive influence on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Before you immerse yourself, let’s establish the foundation for navigating this platform and grasping the basics.

How are Local Services Ads Important to Your Legal Marketing Strategy?

Recognizing the financial constraints faced by most divorce law firms, the need for diversified strategies that ensure a steady lead flow is crucial. Local Services Ads (LSAs) emerge as a solution by effectively balancing performance and affordability. LSAs allow law firms to “dispute” leads not meeting specific criteria, with Google refunding qualifying disputes. This strategic approach maximizes lead volume and quality within budget constraints. LSAs mark a significant shift as Google’s inaugural “performance-based” paid platform – you pay per lead, not per click. Displayed separately from traditional Google Ads/PPC, LSAs take a prominent position at the top of search results, outshining Google Ads/PPC, organic listings, and map results. As payment is solely for qualified leads, the cost per lead varies based on competition and bids in your practice area. For personalized estimates, reach out to us.

The Nifty Approach to Lawyer Local Services Ads

Conversations with countless law firm owners have revealed the scars left by poorly executed paid campaigns. If skepticism looms large, know that you’re not sailing those waters alone! The reality is, you might not need an agency’s assistance. If your in-house team is dedicated to managing this channel, they could potentially handle the lead processing side. But before you decide to take the plunge solo, consider the intricate details of various account aspects. From navigating Google’s setup challenges to grappling with lead processing complexities, there’s more to it than meets the eye. We provide a free, helpful sheet to aid you in tracking LSA lead attribution, disputes, and management – just reach out for access. Yet, bear in mind, effective management can be time-intensive, and not all employees may adeptly follow the protocols, exposing a substantial risk with each lead valued between $40-200+. The key is to avoid the pitfall of “tripping over a dollar to pick up a dime.”

Are You Ready to Take Your Local Services Ads to the Next Level?​

Nifty stands resolute in its belief in navigating success in family law attorney marketing with an innovative approach. Driven by passion, our mission is to propel attorneys to unprecedented online success. For us, marketing transcends the conventional job description – it’s a pulsating way of life. Journeying across the nation, our commitment lies in rejuvenating attorneys to their rightful “lawyer seat.” The crux of our strategy? Cultivating authentic partnerships with attorneys that opt for Nifty. Beyond the confines of consultancy, we metamorphose into allies and integral team members, reveling in the accomplishments of the family law attorneys we support. Transparency and honesty, interwoven, define our approach. Reach out confidently today via call or online message.

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Results from our marketing efforts vary from one market to another, from one practice area to another, and from one law firm to another.
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