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Local Service Ads – WTF?

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Hey guys, it's Nick with nifty. It's officially Tuesday. You know what? That means? It's time for two minutes. Tuesday, let's dive in

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Up everybody. One of the most common questions we get about local service ads is how can I be more competitive? Now everybody's getting the word on these things, right? So here's some tips and tricks that you can do as a law firm to make yourself more visible in the ad placements. It's one of the first things you can do is increase the number of reviews on your Google. My business. Next, you have to be responsive to these phone calls. If you miss phone calls, this is going to tank your abs. So make sure your intake team is on hair-trigger with these, the proximity to the customer location is huge, right? So if you're not seeing your ads pop up, if someone who's relatively far away from your office, it's just the nature of it, right? No number of bids is gonna, is gonna make a difference on that.

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Your business hours are huge. Making sure that the business hours are displayed on your ad is important. And then also expanding your ad schedule. Now be careful with the ad schedule. If you're expanding this into your after hours business, and you're not totally confident in your after hours answering service, this can actually harm your ad, right? Because the intake team has to be on point with answering those calls. Um, the last one is serious or repeated complaints against your business. So make sure that your firm is handling these calls. Well that there's no negative reviews coming in and your ad placement should improve.

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Let me get closer.

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Next up. Everybody wants to know what's in these background checks to get into local service ads, right? Not that anyone has anything to hide, but there's two different background checks. There's the business entity and there's the business owner. So in the business entity background check, they're going to be looking at a civil litigation history of your business on the business owner background check. It's going to be everything you expect, right? Criminal background.

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I think for this one. So another question we often get from attorneys is what can I get refunds for? What we'd love to get refunds for everything on local services, right? But there's actually just a few categories. The Google lets us get refunds on. So some of these I've got them listed right here, wrong number or sales call obvious, right? If they're calling from a location that you guys don't serve, they're asking for a service you don't deliver. Um, if it's a duplicate lead a spam or bot, or if they're calling for the incorrect business, right. Competitor, whatever it is, those are what we can get refunds for. That said we can request refunds for anything. Uh, but these are the categories that technically Google lets us request refunds for.

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Hey, you're still here. I guess you want to know what practice areas you can get. Local service ads in, right? The list is huge. Bankruptcy, personal injury, family law estate planning, criminal defense. We've got a full list. Come check it out. Now get out of the pantry. Something everybody's asking is can my law firm get Google guaranteed short answer? No, no. You can get hit by a car over here. Short answer. No. Oh, Google guaranteed is for home services like pest control plumbers, electricians, Google screen is what you want. And that's what you can get for local services. SAS for attorneys, right? Your law firm can Google screened, not Google guaranteed. So there we go. Oh, another two minute Tuesday, local service ads. If you're a law firm, not doing local service ads, yet you have to, you just have to wake up. You have to get onboard with this. This is a cost per call platform that you get refunds on bad calls. There's going to be more two minute Tuesday content. So stay tuned.