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4 Video Types for Your Law Firm


Speaker 1 (00:00):

So you want to make a video for your law firm, but what's the best video to start with relax. Let two minute Tuesday give you some answers. Hello, I'm Ron, showrunner of original content here, the marketing and I'm Eric videographer. And we are the nifty video team. So this, so we're going to talk about the four most important videos that your law firm needs. But before we start on that, I need to be clear on something. We don't want to think of things as simply buying a video. Yeah, that's right. Because what we're really doing is telling stories. So from here on out, we're going to refer to all the different content types as story types. Yeah. So let's get the clock up and get started.

Speaker 1 (00:52):

Okay. So our first story type is the origin story. What's an origin story. Well, it's why your firm's brand came to life. It's about how you took those first big steps. And the more specific the details, the better why you would ask all these different story types are really just building to two key important connections. One is the emotional connection and the second is knowledge. So while they learn about you, they also learn to care about who you are as a person. But do you want to know what story type gives you them the strongest connection to you that would lead us to our second story type, the impact story. Why does the impact story have such a strong emotional connection? Because the impact story is the testimony of your most successful cases told by your previous clients. I starts with their strong desire to have their circumstances resolved and ends with a strong recommendation for you.

Speaker 1 (01:45):

Impact stories are so powerful that they're the only story type that exists throughout an entire sales funnel for your marketing campaign, taking a client from brand awareness all the way down to where they make a decision. So if the client is still stuck in the evaluation part of the funnel, then this story type is really going to be helpful. It's value stories, a value story defines your firms, your brands, beliefs, ethics. It's a glimpse into your expertise on a subject and lets your potential clients know that you really are an expert. Oftentimes value stories are kind of shown as like detailed lists that are really like filling details or like sometimes they do them as like top four most important things you can do kind of videos like this one, make sure that teachable ones are clear and succinct and very easy to follow. And that brings us to our final story title.

Speaker 1 (02:37):

The vision story, the vision story is the goals of your firm. That could be the countdown to moving into new offices or acknowledging a milestone achievement in your practice. It's meant to showcase your contributions to your local community and communicate that big picture view of what your team has accomplished. And now you've accomplished watching this video congrats. So we're to review things. Now, hopefully you have a better understanding of the four-story types. Those are origin impact, values and vision, and you also know how to implement them with your larger marketing campaign. So if you're interested in creating just four of those videos or one, whatever, reach out to us, the nifty team through Chad we'll hook you up. So that's it for your two minute Tuesday content stay tuned for more two minute Tuesdays like this, we're going to help you out week by week, two minute Tuesday.