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Google Local Business Ads Displaying Everywhere

Everyone within the local search space has been aware of Google’s local ad tests that they have been running in Houston and San Fransisco. Well, upon an early run through on a few of my clients listings, it seems that the option has been opened to the entire Local Business Center as you can see by the following pictures…

The above is a shot in Boise, Idaho. As you can see two companies have already started running ads. The shot below is in New York where the famous Lombardi’s Pizza has already hit the scene with a featured ad that takes you to some pictures of their some of their famous toppings.

And the final one should come as no surprise… It seems that David Mihm was ahead of the game and has his featured ad up for his local seo firm in Portland.

These are some of the ones that I have seen so far today. I am sure they are all over the place so if anyone has any others feel free to mention them in the comment section and I hope that this month turns into another exciting one for local!