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Big List of Local SEO’s To Follow On Google+ Some Thoughts

I think it is safe to say that Google+ has become the 10,000+ pound Elephant in the room. With Google’s SPYW launching (Search, Plus Your World) we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of how Google will be forcing encouraging the use of Google+.


How do you react to change?

With that in mind, I thought I would share my favorite story about change. Fiddler On The Roof tells the story of a small Jewish Village in Russia that is trying to hold strong to their traditions though the world around them is forcing change. The lead character Tevye is put in multiple situations where he has a choice whether to stick to his past traditions, or learn that there is only one lasting tradition… Change.

In the opening scene Tevye shouts, “Traditions, traditions. Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as… as… as a fiddler on the roof!” But, change came and traditions were broken. It was hard for the village, it was hard for Tevye, but he could not stop his life from the shakiness.

In our industry change comes faster than the speed of email. It’s usually uncomfortable, hard, and often discouraging to many. I know a lot of SEO’s that are like Tevye. They want their traditional form of optimizing, linking, and building to remain the same forever. When algorithms change, they are slow to react and blame Google for their struggles. They have the same attitude that Tevye had about his big “G”…


Sometimes I wonder, when it gets too quiet up there, if you are thinking, “What kind of mischief can I play on My friend Tevye?


But, there is another group of SEO’s who embrace change and become the thought leaders in emerging services, technology, and ultimately pioneer the way for those who are too stubborn, or too scared, to pave the way.

These marketers react instead of allow themselves to be acted upon.

Google+ represents the biggest change that our industry has seen since I have been involved in search. It will help determine what will be eaten by panda, it will fight spam into even darker and lonelier corners, and it will ultimately lead to a change of title to our industry.

While Google+ (and social signals) have not factored in to local search results as much as other spaces I can promise the day is soon at hand.


So, while I might not agree that Google+ has the makings of a successful social solution yet, or the numbers to justify the dominance in search results. It is very clear to see that the Big “G” is going to do whatever it takes to ensure its success even if it means parting seas, moving mountains or breaking long held traditions.

The Big List of Local SEO’s

Here is the list of local search experts that have decided that the traditional Social and Local SEO of old is not enough anymore and are beginning to embrace Google+. I encourage you to join them and realize that in social, seo, and local, the only thing that is constant is change.


United States

Mike Blumenthal – Professor Maps blogging all things local

David Mihm –President of

Mary Bowling – Blogger and Local SEO whiz at Optimized!

Matt McGee – Blogger/Editor/Moderator with a Local Focus

Ed Reese – Local Analytics Ninja at Sixth Man Marketing

Will Scott – President of the Inc. 500 company Search Influence

Linda Buquet – Google Places Forum Top Contributor and Blogger

Don Campbell – Local Tools, Training, and Support at Expand2Web

Michael Borgelt – Local Search Consultant at 51 Blocks

Chris Silver Smith – Mapping Wizard and blogger at NodalBits

Greg Sterling – Covering local since local was at Screenwerk

Thomas Ballantyne – The Local Search Bug Killer at

Cody Baird – Delivering local search results at

Courtney Rogers – Product development at

Aaron Weiche – VP at

Adam Dorfman – Partner at

Mike Ramsey – That’s me! President of Nifty Marketing


Darren Shaw – Finding citations easier at

Matthew Hunt – “The” local expert at

Jackson Lo – Local SEO Blogger at

Adam Steele – Tactical Local Search Expert and Owner of The Magistrate

Jim Rudnick – the true expert at Canuck SEO

Michael Mire – Local SEO and CEO of

Steve Hatcher – GEO Search Expert at

Dev Basu – President of



Nyagoslav Zhekov – Google Places Forum Top Contributor at NGS Marketing

Yam Regev – Master of all things local at Compass Internet Solutions

Ash Nallawalla – Digital Strategy Consultant at Netmagellan

Martijn Beijk – Digital Analytix Consultant at comScore


Here is a shared circle to add for the Google+ Local Crew

Feel free to learn more about me by checking out my Google+ Profile: +Mike Ramsey