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Local Services Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

Picture the marriage of SEO and Google Ads yielding a game-changing offspring – Local Services Ads (LSA) or Google Screened ads. In the fiercely competitive legal industry, standing out online and converting leads into clients can be daunting for small solo law firms. However, there’s a fresh avenue to soar to the top of search engines and attract qualified leads: Google Local Service Ads, also known as “Google Guaranteed” or “LSAs.” Having been actively engaged with this program since its inception in the legal realm, we’ve witnessed its transformative impact on the entire legal Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Before you dive in, let’s lay the groundwork on how to navigate this platform and establish some basics.

How are Local Services Ads Important to Your Legal Marketing Strategy?

Most personal injury law firms operate on a limited budget, requiring diversified strategies to ensure a steady lead flow without straining their financial resources. Local Services Ads (LSAs) strike a balance by providing a performance-driven approach, enabling law firms to “dispute” leads that don’t meet specific criteria. Google refunds qualifying disputes, allowing firms to optimize lead volume and quality efficiently. LSAs mark a significant shift as the first “performance-based” paid platform by Google – you pay per lead, not per click. Displayed separately from traditional Google Ads/PPC, LSAs appear prominently at the top of search results, surpassing Google Ads/PPC, organic listings, and map results. Since you only pay for actual client contacts, the cost per lead varies based on the competitive landscape and bidding in your practice area. For estimates tailored to your market and practice, reach out to us.

The Nifty Approach to Lawyer Local Services Ads

Having conversed with numerous law firm owners, we understand that many have faced the sting of poorly executed paid campaigns. If skepticism is your companion, you’re not alone! The truth is, you might not even need the assistance of an agency. If you have dedicated in-house personnel managing this channel, they could potentially handle the lead processing aspect. However, before embarking on this journey solo, consider various account intricacies. From the setup challenges involving Google’s requirements to the complexities of lead processing, there’s more than meets the eye. With our free, helpful sheet, we can aid you in keeping track of LSA lead attribution, disputes, and management. But remember, managing this can be time-consuming, and not all employees may effectively follow the protocols, risking substantial amounts if disputes aren’t handled meticulously. It’s essential to avoid a scenario of “tripping over a dollar to pick up a dime.”

Are You Ready to Take Your Local Services Ads to the Next Level?​

Nifty stands firm in its belief – there’s a precise way to handle marketing for law firms, and we’ve mastered it. Our passion is unwavering when it comes to propelling law firms to online triumph. Marketing for law firms isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle that has us traversing the nation to share our insights. Our ultimate mission? To return lawyers to the “lawyer seat” they belong in. How do we achieve this? By being more than a service provider – a true partner and friend to the law firms aligning with Nifty. We’re not just observers; we’re integral team members, thriving on the success of the lawyers we support. Transparency and honesty are our guiding principles. Ready to take the plunge? Connect with us today through a call or an online message.

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Results from our marketing efforts vary from one market to another, from one practice area to another, and from one law firm to another.
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