The Situation

Farhan Naqvi met us at Lawyernomics where we were presenting and said he liked our style and needed a new website and marketing approach. His site was under penalty and he was virtually getting no business from his website.


Phase one was re-branding who Farhan was and how he wanted to portray himself. Farhan was a little nervous about using his name as his new brand identity because it isn’t a common name, but we really pushed for it. Using his name as his brand has been a huge step in the right direction and has turned his practice/brand into a recognizable name in the Vegas area. His new brand really showcases the type of firm he is and the style of his office.


We worked with a local photographer to get top-notch images to use on Naqvi’s new site. Great photography is a must when it comes to a new website design. Naqvi’s images are the strength and selling point of his site design. It allows potential clients to connect with him right away.


Farhan was great to work with when it came to his site design. He really knew what he wanted and who he was. We were able to work very closely with him to make his website be an accurate extension of his office and staff. Our goal with any site design it to make the client happy as well as get site visitors to convert.

The Outcome

Within two years we had built a website that Farhan was proud of, sitting at the top of the Las Vegas search market, and getting 1000’s of visits per month. Most importantly, we were able to showcase who Naqvi is, what his clients think about him, and what he stands for.

Increase in Organic Traffic
Lead Growth
New pages of content
Years As A Client

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