Follow Up Info From The Power To Small Business Podcast With Jay Ehret

There is nothing I would rather do than talk Local Search. I’m serious when I say that. I have traveled around the world, climbed on things found in famous photographs, seen animals in the wild that are even hard to come by in zoos. Danced, sang, and have made myself merry many times. But, at the end of the day, I am a geek and I could talk about local search for days without food, water, or possibly even shelter.

So, when Jay Ehret at the Marketing Spot asked if I would be a guest on his Power To Small Business Podcast I was honored for the opportunity. The Podcast should be out tomorrow, February 28th and when it is I will update this post and add a link.

UPDATE: Here is the Link to the Show: Local Search: The Game Is Changing

In our conversation we covered a lot of the basics, and a lot of valuable tools were mentioned. So, I wanted to throw together a few links to make it easy for a person to navigate the volumes of information available on local search.

The Importance of NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)

Business Owners, Are You Sabatoging Your Own Local Listings


Universal Business Listing – A Small Business Website and Guide to Local Search

Local Search Ranking Factors 2009


An Extremely Nifty Guide To Reviews And Local Search

Edit Remove and Respond To Reviews


Professor Maps – Mike Blumenthal

Mihmoradum – David Mihm

Small Business SEM – Matt Mcgee

SEO Igloo Blog – Miriam Ellis

6th Man Marketing Blog – Ed Reese

Small Business Online Coach – Mathew Hunt

SEM Report Card – Tom Crandall

Powered By Search – Dev Basu

Search Influence – Will Scott

Local SEO Guide – Andrew Shotland

Screenwerk – Greg Sterling

Silvery – Chris Silver Smith

The Local Search Marketing Blog – Mike Ramsey

I realize that this is just a ton of links, but for a person who is serious about Local Search, I have just given you access to about every hidden treasure in the industry. So, make well with it. If you are looking for someone to consult for you, I would also trust everyone on the above list.