IfByPhone vs. Moongoose Metrics for Google Analytics Call Tracking part 1

My Cliff Hanger Intro

So, I had a professor in college, Kent Lundin, who was an internet marketing enthusiast. He created 2 classes for the university based on the subject. One was a crash course on Google adwords and analytics. The other one which I took my last semester was “Created an online business” where we had to build a website and do some form of transaction before the semester was over.

I remember during one of the classes, we started talking about local businesses and internet marketing. My professor stopped the conversation and said…”If a person could find a way to track phone calls from keywords searched on the web, they will make a lot of money, and local internet marketing would become a serious power house for local buisnesses.”

The Companies

Well, they did it. I think he was hoping one of the students would find a way to make the millions, but Ifbyphone and mongoose metrics pulled it off. You beat us to it and you came up with some pretty cool company names!

So as a student who remembered the wishes of an old professor, I felt that I needed to do a bit of research and get on the boat with one of these companies to help myself and my clients. So, I did just that and here is what I found

Mongoose Metrics

These guys are the one that google personally endorsed on there analytics blog. This is all they focus on. As far as services they offer…

  • dynamic numbers for keywords
  • tracking in multiple analytic platforms
  • call recording
  • geo location
  • ppc integration for campaigns and groups


These guys do a whole lot more than just call tracking. They are like the guy in the trench coat that sales everything you can imagine from watches to statue of liberty lighters. There services include…

  • store locater
  • click to call
  • dynamic phone number tracking for keywords
  • virtual receptionist
  • conference calling
  • find me
  • voice broadcasting
  • PPC tracking

Who I Chose And Why

Before I start on this I really need to explain something…I was a door-to-door salesman for 3 years. Now, I know that might sound a bit cheesy, but Security Systems and Pest Control Services sold door-to-door is big, big money. I have friends that make 100,000-400,000 during a 4-5 months of sales.  In the area I went to school this stuff is big and competitive.

During my stay as a door-to-door salesman, I came across about every sales technique in the book. And if there was one I hated more than anything is was the, “I am never going to let you know what the price of this service is.” See, in this sales technique, you try to get in every feature and you use every “spin selling” (I will write about spin another time) pitch and don’t give pricing until a person is ready to sign up. I hated it, and I never ever used it.

So If you visit ifbyphones pricing page you will see that you can read about the features and see the price. Very, very nice.  Also, when I contacted them about reseller opportunities, they were very fast at telling me what I could sell at and what commission I would get from every account. I got a hold of them the same day I called, they sent me all the information that I needed and were very easy going.

Now with Mongoose Metrics it was a different case. When you click on their pricing page you are promoted to set up a meeting to learn more about pricing.  I called on a friday, I was told a representative would get with me during normal hours.  Monday, I received no call, I called again and was told the same thing. I didn’t get a call until Tuesday, during the call I was told that they didn’t have time to talk to me and we would have to talk Wednesday at 9 a.m. Well, 9 am came and went. I received a call at 10 (durring which I was trying to enjoy my county parade). The man on the phone said “sorry, I was busy” I told him it was ok and I was interested in their service as a reseller and woud like to know what the pricing is.

Then the guy started quizzing me and saying things like…”Well, first let’s explore why our services would give you a competitive advantage over the competition.” He told me they had zero competitors…hmmm…and then when I mentioned ifbyphone he said they don’t even consider them a competitor because they were on a different level. I asked what that level was and he began to talk about services both companies offered (so he new about them in detail). He wouldn’t give me the price for over an hour.  He kept wanting to compare “apples to apples” finally, I just asked what the price was and he shot it out to me so confusing and so fast that I couldn’t even understand it. So, I said, thanks and I would love an email or a price sheet so I can really see what you are offering at what price…He said he would send me something like that after we got of the phone and set up a time to call back on the following Monday.

A couple days later I get a call (not on Monday) wondering where we left off. By that time I had signed up and integrated ifbyphones service into my website. He had forgot to email me pricing and had clearly shown that customer service and support where not priorities.

What I Learned

  • Mongoose Metrics is supposedly a great company…I probably will never use their services
  • ifbyphone was very fast at getting me the information that I needed
  • ifbyphones’s prices are substainally less for the basic keyword tracking service
  • I didn’t ever get what mongooses reseller plan was….still guarding it
  • ifbyphone lets you sell the service to your clients for less than they sell it on the site. If you have 3 clients your personal service price moves to a very low monthly cost.
  • I was told that mongooses interface is much better
  • So far integration with ifbyphone has been very fast and effective.

I haven’t been with them long so after I feel like I have a good handle on everything I will bring part 2 of this post and do a in-depth at the set up and integration of their various services.

I don’t think that it is necessary for people to give pricing on their website. If you can and it makes since…I would for sure.  Many industries can’t do this…but, when people call for your pricing, let them know what they want to know…or you might get a blog post written about the experience. I wish both companies the best in the future and hopefully mongoose metrics can re-adjust their approach and stand up to the level that Google Analtyics team put them out to be.

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  • Shawn says:

    Great article! I’ve been on the phone with 4 different call tracking companies today trying to decide which one is best… KeyMetric, Mongoose Metrics, WhosCalling, and Marchex. I haven’t considered ifbyphone yet but I’ll definitely check them out!

  • Mark says:

    I had the opposite experience… The ifbyphone rep was totally incompetent. Not only would he not tell me a price, but when I finally got him to attempt to give me something, it took him (no joke) five full minutes–with me on the phone in silence–to calculate what my monthly price would be. What a joke!! Today (two and half weeks later) he sends me a link to this blog post saying “The service described here is nothing special, just how we conduct business and treat all our customers.” Well Mark, ifbyphone sales rep, it certainly was not the level of service that I received from you.

  • admin says:

    @Shawn Thanks for writing and I hope to bring more information about my experience shortly! It is crazy how much time it takes to get the info needed. Please comment on what you find out and decide! The more input the better the conversation.

    @Mark Thanks for sharing your experience, though I didn’t understand why it took so long to get pricing considering it was on their web page in pretty great detail and there are only 3 packages offered. I would love for you to explain more. Also, which company did you chose?

  • Mark says:

    @Shawn I needed a quote for redistribution of 10 lines to begin with looking to add about 100 more this year if the 10 line test went well. So I didn’t see that pricing listed on the site. Just individual accounts so I need some help with bulk pricing. That’s when I had the fiasco that I previously described. Although the integration with analytics is a nice feature, we ended up going with a company called eVoice. The reporting gets a little trickier, but we can plug the numbers into our local programs which are hooked up to the analytics API and bring all the info together. Our total cost for 10 lines is only $80/month. Granted it doesn’t hook up to analytics/AdWords, but the virtual PBX is easy to use.

    Just out of curiosity… Are you a BYU grad? I live in Orem and graduated about a year ago. I’m here working for an SEO company now. How are things in Burley?

  • admin says:

    @mark….thanks for the info and the follow-up. Being a local small business I will rarely something as big as you are looking forward. I think one thing to learn from this is that a company is represented by their employees…so be a good employee!

    I am a BYU-Idaho grad. Don’t judge 😉 And Burley is doing great…we just had our county fair and rodeo which is probably my favorite thing about this place! Thanks for stopping by. I am going to be doing a few follow up posts on this subject and my experience.

  • @Mike – Thank you for the great review about Ifbyphone! We certainly strive to offer outstanding customer support to compliment our Award Winning Call Tracking Solutions–> Call Tracking, Google Integration, & Dynamic Numbers.

    @Shawn – If you haven’t already, please feel free to give Ifbyphone a call. You can reach us by call 877-295-5100. We offer a wide range of services at very competitive rates, and as Mike wrote you’ll have a great experience with Ifbyphone!

    @Mark – I’m certainly sorry to hear about the experience you described above, as we generally have raving fans who love our service and customer support. If you care to identify yourself beyond “Mark” (with a link to your website) or give just us a call, we’re certainly happen to listen to your feedback.

    I’d also encourage anyone considering our Call Tracking Service to read our testimonials [ http://public.ifbyphone.com/about/testimonials ], visit our pricing page [ http://public.ifbyphone.com/pricing ], and then give us a call at 877-295-5100 for the great customer experience that Mike described in his blog post.

    If you use Twitter, here are three customers describing their great experience with Ifbyphone:


  • Matt says:

    I spent friday talking to all the listed companies. For us KeyMetric won hands down based on our needs. I guess it depends on what you need. For basic tracking they all seemed about the same with close pricing. Keymetric was the only company that could track phone calls back to everything – all ppc keywords and even organic search queries. They were a little more each month; but we are going to get way more useful data than anyone else can provide.

    • admin says:

      Matt I think your comment is a bit spammy. If you don’t have a link to a site I think I might have to delete this unless you can proof your legit.

  • Dalan says:


    I am currently attending BYU-Idaho and I am fascinated with internet marketing. I just stumbled on your twitter account and then followed the link to your website and blog (am I a stalker?)

    I have taken Kent Lundin’s b250 (crash course) and plan on taking the other course later. I am currently involved with IBC (did you do IBC? – if so, what was your business?). We are creating a sports lounge where people can come to watch BYU play on the mountain and see some other great games with food and in HD from a projector, should be great.

    Anyway, I am planning my next website launch, a blog. Hopefully it works out. Good luck with your business!

    • admin says:

      @Dalan Yeah, I did IBC and we sold scrubs and ran Dinnertainment. (comic frenzy shows that had full course dinners) very fun and semi profitable. It was a pretty intense semester, I wish you luck. What are you planning on doing for your blog?

  • Tomasz Banas says:

    Nice article, I just talked to Jim Fairman / IfByPhone – I got in touch with live person in about -0.5-1min and he spent 1h 52min on the phone with me.

    I know everything I wanted to.

  • I really enjoyed this article. Earlier this year a friend of mine mentioned ifbyphone to me. As I’ve been an IVR developer for most of my career, this was very interesting. I did a search online for reviews on ifbyphone and ran across this article. After reading the good reviews here, and after listening to my friend’s recommendation after having used it in his business, I decided to check ifbyphone out. I was very impressed as it truly makes technologies that have traditionally been available only to large corporations, affordable for the small business owner. I’m so excited about ifbyphone, that I have formed a new company and become an official reseller for ifbyphone. If you sign up through my link at http://answersoft.net I can save you $5/month compared to signing up with ifbyphone directly. Also, I am there to extend a helping hand in setting up your system. If you need more complicated programming, I’m available for that as well.

    Thank you Mike for posting this review. You were part of the inspiration for starting AnswerSoft.

  • Lucas says:

    I am shopping for a phone analytics solution…thanks for the article. However, before settling on a “dynamically generated phone number” solution, I am trying to find a solution that would allow for a consistent phone number, but instead utilize “Customer Reference #” that can be given to the phone representative similarly to how I assume CSNstores.com does it.

    Does anyone know anything about CSNstores.com system…It appears that they always have the same phone number, an instead rely on the reference number?
    Obviously this could be a custom solution, but if not I would love to know what they use.

  • Austin says:

    Great stuff and very useful. When’s part II? 🙂

    We’re having trouble getting information from Mongoose Metrics, too. Getting the documentation for their API took weeks and they required a teleconference before we could get it. And they’re not very responsive in general. Hello! We’re trying to give you money.

    Time to look at Ifbyphone and Marchex.

  • Jeremy F. says:

    Maybe because of the date this was written, but I didn’t see any comments or suggestions for LogMyCalls. They do everything and more that Mongoose, ifbyphone, marchex, and callsource do. Plus, their pricing is better and our customer service rep is amazing. We started with their Free service and quickly upgraded. I track my calls, quality of my customer service, set goals for my people, recieve real-time notifications, integrated with my CRM, and more. It’s amazing. You should do a comparison of LogMyCalls.com to everyone else. That would be cool.

  • Hoffman says:

    Great article!! I have been searching and searching to try and understand how to manage my ppc better. Would love a follow up to this article. I’m leaning towards ifbyphone right now because I just got off the phone with them and they answered a lot of my questions.

    Anyone have some more experiences to talk about? I spoke with a company called ReachLocal and they say they do the same thing. Thanks for the info!

  • Carlton says:

    We’re the new kids on the block at LogMyCalls.com. We’ve got mongoose metrics functionality at a much lower price and our customer service is the best. We you need more detail than IfByPhone can provide, check us out.

  • Cathy says:

    Really great post. I’m using Mongoose right now to test out their services for a small Adwords and LinkedIn campaign I am running, and I am not happy with their response time in terms of billing. It’s been 2 months to try to resolve some charges from a previous employee contract and they have not provided me pricing breakdown so I can put together associated costs to run larger campaigns next year.

    I will be looking at competitors next week based on suggestions left by other readers on this post. Thanks again for the comparison. It gives me a great place to start.

  • Lorne Fade says:

    We personally have used both Mongoose and Ifbyphone for our call tracking needs. Both are quality services but we stayed with Ifbyphone for having faster and friendlier support. (sorry Mongoose)

    Also good to note that their pricing is slightly less than Mongoose as well for those companies who are bootstrapping and looking to reduce fixed costs.