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My Top 2010 Local Search Articles Based on ReTweets

Sometime this past year I decided that I had to stop judging the quality of my posts based on the number of comments and take a closer look at retweets and the main governing factor in the effectiveness of a given post. So, I figured I would put a list of all my posts together in order by the number of re-tweets that each post received.

Post Title ReTweets
The 7 Deadly Sins of Google Local Search 269
5 Things Google is doing wrong with Local Search 192
A Cornicopia Full of Local Search O-Pack Advice 161
The 4 Hardest Things About Conversion Optimization 140
An Extremely Nifty Guide To Reviews and Local Search 93
The 3 Major Causes of Duplicate Listings 83
Local Search Reciple: How to Track Local Analytics With WordPress…And Make Pies 78
Local Search Recipe: Making KML files and GEO Sitemaps Are A Piece of Cake 70
Google Now Showing Local Results for State Wide Searches 64
Local Seearch Talk Series Part 1 : Miriam Ellis 14
Local Search Talk Series 4: Chris Silver Smith 13
A Newbies First Time At Pubcon 13
Google Local business Ads Displaying Everywhere 12
Local Search Talk Series Part 2 : Dev Basu 11
Local Search Talk Series 5: Ed Reese 11
Local Search Talk Series Part 3: Matt McGee 9
Local Search Talk Series 8: David Mihm 9
My Experience At University Spokane 7
Local Search Talk Series 7: Earlpearl 6
Local Search Talk Series 6: Mary Bowling 4
Small Business Blogs That Actually Work 3
Follow Up Info From The Power To Small Business Podcast with Jay Ehret 3
Hiding Your Business Address is a Garunteed Way To Lose Ranking 3
How To Claim Your Facebook Places Page

Here is a few things I learned from doing this.

1. My Search Engine Journal Posts are the top 9.  They do a much better job of getting spread than anything from my blog. I think this shows the power of guest blogging on authority sites.

2. Lists are still the easiest for people to relate to and look at. If you look at the SEJ posts they go in order of retweetness as followed: 7,5,4,3. So, it might be that people like longer lists as opposed to short ones as well.

3. Interviews are a great way to boost your own site. The Local Search Talk Series that started this year was the biggest hit on my site. I know this by overall traffic and retweets. I plan to continue this series in 2011 as there are way more people that deserve to make this list. (and a few I am still waiting to get information back from)

Thanks for a great year to all my local search friends, clients, and comrades. There is a lot of big things in store for Nifty this year so stay tuned.