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The Optimal Local Landing Page For Law Firms

(Last Updated: Oct. 1, 2019) We gathered data from the top ranking websites, across four legal practice areas, in the 50 largest metros of the United States. We started this study back in 2016 and have now completed it three times. Follow this post through to the end to see how things have changed from...

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Are Stars in Google Search Results a Thing of the Past for Lawyers?

People are accustomed to seeing star ratings (also known as “Review Rich Snippets”) in Google’s organic search results. For example: Previously, anyone could implement a piece of “schema” code on their website which would tell Google to display review stars for specific pages in their organic search results. While many law firms have been adding...

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The Ultimate List of Local Link Building Ideas

The Importance Of Link Building Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon. Just look at the most recent large volume study from Semrush showing the google ranking position vs the total number of referring domains. Over the years similar studies have been done by Moz, aHrefs, and Backlinko. Beyond that, I have built links to specific pages and have...

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Local Landing Page Study: What’s happening in 2018

(Last Updated: July 10th, 2018) Where are things at after 6 years of research? We Gathered Data From The Top Ranking Websites, Across Five Industries (Legal, Storage Units, Dentistry, Pest Control, Construction), In The 50 Largest Metros Of The United States. Key Takeaways 381% more backlinks on average to top ranking landing pages in 2018...

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Competitor Link Building the Nifty Way

We recently developed a spreadsheet for competitor link analysis with the beginner to intermediate link builder in mind. It offers a ready, aim, shoot approach to competitor link building, it’s straightforward and it’s bound to produce some good links. It may also spur different marketing initiatives, so it’s a great resource whether you’re a newbie just...

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Are Local Landing Pages Really Doorway Pages?

This is an old question. In fact, during my research for this blog, I found people asking this question all the back in 2009 (which is 150 years ago in Internet time). But with the new guidelines Google released on March 16th, it seems interest in this question has surfaced again. You say Doorway, I...

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SEO at Christmas

Are you taking advantage during the holiday season? The Holiday season is an important time to make sure you’re doing what you need to be doing on your website in order to direct traffic to your website. Here are a few tips to help you take full advantage of the holidays using SEO tactics. Tip...

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Using PR & SEO to Build Your Law Firm

I communicate regularly with news organizations, bloggers and print publications. To be able to apply the lessons I learned as a PR student back in college is awesome. You never know what line of work you’ll end up in and I’m glad I ended up where I’m at. I’ve always been interested in PR and...

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Stuff Yourself on Quality SEO Learning This Weekend

With Thanksgiving just hours away, I’m sure you have been thinking, if not daydreaming, about all the food you’re going to eat. In that daydream, which of the options below appear in your vision? Image A or B? Of course you want to devour B! This is not your first Thanksgiving. You’ve chewed your way...

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