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Become The Obvious Choice in Vegas

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Leave your competition thirsty…

Mugs to the air! Farhan Naqvi hired us in 2013 because he wanted more – more leads, more business, and success. He caught on quickly that we were serious about dominating and leaving his competition #thirsty. With that same gusto, we're looking for a couple of divorce attorney clients to take to the next level and dominate in the Vegas divorce market. Our clients benefit from our full-service approach: (Think of us as your new CMO.)

  1. SEO work being done by the hour
  2. One-stop shop for all marketing needs (video, photo, SEO, Advertising, Social, Reviews, Website, etc!)
  3. Expert local strategy to make you the obvious choice
  4. Coordination with your intake team to establish an ROI feedback loop on our efforts focusing on quality of leads and not just quantity
  5. Single point of contact so you can manage your time efficiently
  6. Low employee-to-client ratios and high employee retention rates
  7. Consistent focus on establishing low cost per lead and cost to acquire new clients in all channels
  8. At least 1 monthly phone call and report detailing our work and the plan for next month
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You probably noticed that we operate a tad different from the marketing folks (most of which won’t even tell you what they’re up to) #secretsauce. Finally, you’ll know exactly what it’s like to have CMO leadership, execution, and accountability over all your marketing.

You do the lawyering, we’ll do everything else.

Let's Talk

Farhan R. Naqvi, Esq.

Do I think another company could have done what Nifty did? I had used other companies, and they didn’t even achieve a fraction of what I was able to achieve rankings wise and branding wise than with Nifty.

Farhan R. Naqvi, Esq.

We Aren't All Talk. Here's Proof.

It’s so much better to skip all the hype by verifying what we’re saying – so don’t take our word for it! Our case study demonstrates exactly how Naqvi went from ranking nowhere to ranking #1 in one of the most competitive cities in the country.

Schedule a call and learn what it’s going to take to win. We’re committed to earning your trust. Then schedule a call with Farhan to verify. Let’s make law sexy and leave your competition parched.

Exhibit A. Nifty Marketing Partner, Naqvi Law Firm logo. 1,900% Growth in leads Exhibit B. Nifty Marketing Partner, Naqvi Law Firm logo. 1,050% Increase in organic traffic Exhibit C. Nifty Marketing Partner, Naqvi Law Firm logo. 70 Staff members & growing. Up from 11 when Nifty started.

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