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Local Search Directories for Attorneys & Law Firms

We curated  a massive list of local search directories (online citations) where law firms can list their practice and details. No tool will get you in all of these directories automatically. Many have to be done one by one,  with your bare hands… and a keyboard. The list is around 160+ directories. These also link back to your website, so beyond the “online citation” benefit you get which helps you do better in Google Map Rankings, the link helps you with organic authority and map authority. That’s a win-win.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Be 100% consistent across all directories with your Business Name, Address, and Local Phone Number.

Google creates a cluster of information about your business that they find in these directories. If the data is inconsistent, Google can treat the inconsistencies as seperate businesses and wrongly attach information to divded lisitngs of your business. Determine The ONE way you will list your business and stick with it. Here is an example.

Naqvi Injury Law
9500 W Flamingo Rd, #104
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 553-1000

2. Fill out the entire profile.

These sites are used by people finding businesses. If your listing looks sloppy, then you look sloppy. Take the time to make each profile complete with great pictures, descriptions, hours, payment options, and any additional information that you can add. Many of these websites also have algorythms which rank the businesses based on how complete the profile is.

3. Don’t use a personal email to create the directory listings.

Use an email/password that can be used by people on your team or consultants if necessary. We like to create to use for outreach and local directory listings if possible. If you can’t create a “community” email address then you can create a free account on gmail.

4. Check to see if you are currently listed before adding a new listing.

Sometimes you can create more than one listing for your business on a given site. All that does is confuse people (including yourself) for future updates. It can also create future issues as Google crawls scrapes the web to add to there local knowledge graph.

5. Don’t Spam.

Make the listing real. Don’t stuff your business name with keywords like “chicago injury lawyer” or other things I see a lot in directories.  Fill it out for Users first, Search Engines second. Not every directory is relevant to every law firm. Use your best judgement on the list we have created.

Let Us Send You The List!

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After you have filled out all your listings correctly then come back here and enjoy a round of applause from us at Nifty.


Thanks to & The Magistrate for their research and work on determining the top ranking directories and many listings we have added to our list.