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The Optimal Local Landing Page For Law Firms

(Last Updated: Oct. 1, 2019) We gathered data from the top ranking websites, across four legal practice areas, in the 50 largest metros of the United States. We started this study back in 2016 and have now completed it three times. Follow this post through to the end to see how things have changed from...

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Local Service Ads for Lawyers

Local Service Ads are now available for law firms in select locations and practice areas. And so it begins… It’s true, Local Service Ads are now available for law firms in select locations and practice areas. While Google still has a limited offering on this platform for law firms, it’s almost certain to expand in...

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2-10xing Content For Lawyers In The Real World

Warning. This blog post is long. The conclusions of the tests in this first section can be found here  if you are a skimmer. You’re welcome. Part 1: Tests & Outcomes Test 1: Sub-Page/Blog Roll-Up to Top Landing Page Test 1.1 Here we took a geographically focused page which had subtopic, geographically focused child pages...

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Effectiveness of Scholarship Link Building

  We Examined 10 Different Scholarship Campaigns To See How Effective Scholarships Really Are For Improving SEO. Here’s What We Found. Sponsoring a scholarship has often been touted as a great way to improve the SEO of a law firm’s website. The logic behind this is that college websites (and to a lesser degree, high...

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Local Search Directories for Attorneys & Law Firms

We curated  a massive list of local search directories (online citations) where law firms can list their practice and details. No tool will get you in all of these directories automatically. Many have to be done one by one,  with your bare hands… and a keyboard. The list is around 160+ directories. These also link back...

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The Elements of an Effective Law Firm Website

Your law firm website can be a powerful tool, if it’s constructed thoughtfully. A strong web presence is becoming increasingly important as Millennials make up more and more of the target market for most law firms. Statistically, it’s very likely that you are not taking full advantage of those possibilities. The good news is that...

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How People Find Lawyers in 2015

People reach out to their friends for a lot of reasons and legal matters are certainly one of them. Recently, we were involved in one of Mike Blumenthal‘s exceptional legal studies, this time organized by Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law. They sought out to know how people are looking for attorneys in 2015. What the survey revealed is...

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Using PR & SEO to Build Your Law Firm

I communicate regularly with news organizations, bloggers and print publications. To be able to apply the lessons I learned as a PR student back in college is awesome. You never know what line of work you’ll end up in and I’m glad I ended up where I’m at. I’ve always been interested in PR and...

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