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Expand Your Content, Expand Your Presence

While studying journalism as a college student, I remember learning about the coveted “above the fold” section in newspapers on the front page. It was extremely precious real estate and was often the only thing seen in newspaper stands. The concept was loud and clear – it needed to capture the attention of passerby’s. Online,...

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Link Building: The What, The How & The Why.

Link Building Everyone wants and needs links; but why, and what do they mean to your site? Link building is the creation of links between one website and another.  The reason it is important is that search engines (most importantly, Google) base the ranking of where your website appears on the SERP (Search Engine Results...

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Outreach & Editors: 5 Ways To Make Editors Thankful

There are two types of outreachers. Those who understand how their emails are received and those who do not. The former enjoy greater success, while the latter bemoan less lousy response rates, time wastage and cranky editors. While it is true that editors have their nit picky preferences, the adage “He who has the gold makes...

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