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The Optimal Local Landing Page For Law Firms

(Last Updated: Oct. 1, 2019) We gathered data from the top ranking websites, across four legal practice areas, in the 50 largest metros of the United States. We started this study back in 2016 and have now completed it three times. Follow this post through to the end to see how things have changed from...

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Attorney Reviews Part 1

This is going to be the first part of a multipart series on getting reviews for attorneys. In our Nifty Study, we found reviews to correlate with improved local search results for attorneys. No surprise there. We sure aren’t the first company to preach the importance of positive reviews. Yet, it’s often still a virtually...

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Ya-hoo….more like Ya-boo

Well this one takes the cake, and I don’t even like cake! Yahoo is no longer accepting calls concerning your local listings. So when there are updates that need dealt with, duplicates needing removed or just general inquires, we the customer have been left out in the cold to find our new “Yahoo Yellow-Brick Road”....

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The Best Ways to Get Customer Reviews

In the National Search Engine Optimization arena, getting people to link to your site with great anchor text is what the game is all about. There are thousands of articles about it, there are companies that dedicate themselves to the practice, there is even (purely rumor) a religion based on the subject. So, what about...

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