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The Optimal Local Landing Page For Law Firms

(Last Updated: Oct. 1, 2019) We gathered data from the top ranking websites, across four legal practice areas, in the 50 largest metros of the United States. We started this study back in 2016 and have now completed it three times. Follow this post through to the end to see how things have changed from...

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2-10xing Content For Lawyers In The Real World

Warning. This blog post is long. The conclusions of the tests in this first section can be found here  if you are a skimmer. You’re welcome. Part 1: Tests & Outcomes Test 1: Sub-Page/Blog Roll-Up to Top Landing Page Test 1.1 Here we took a geographically focused page which had subtopic, geographically focused child pages...

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Using PR & SEO to Build Your Law Firm

I communicate regularly with news organizations, bloggers and print publications. To be able to apply the lessons I learned as a PR student back in college is awesome. You never know what line of work you’ll end up in and I’m glad I ended up where I’m at. I’ve always been interested in PR and...

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Blogging For Lawyers

The ability to express yourself through words has been around since well, your grandpa had a grandpa and that grandpa had a grandpa and his grandpa was praying to the thunder God Zeus! These days our words can act like a fishing net, capturing a variety of audiences and eyes. Why not use that net...

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Expand Your Content, Expand Your Presence

While studying journalism as a college student, I remember learning about the coveted “above the fold” section in newspapers on the front page. It was extremely precious real estate and was often the only thing seen in newspaper stands. The concept was loud and clear – it needed to capture the attention of passerby’s. Online,...

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The New Rules of Link Building For Lawyers

So you want to rank highly for a competitive term in your niche. You’ve probably already figured out that this isn’t going to happen without a fair amount of links pointing back to your site. So how do you gain links without doing something that could eventually get you penalized. The short answer is: you...

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