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Are Local Landing Pages Really Doorway Pages?

This is an old question. In fact, during my research for this blog, I found people asking this question all the back in 2009 (which is 150 years ago in Internet time). But with the new guidelines Google released on March 16th, it seems interest in this question has surfaced again. You say Doorway, I...

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Outreach & Editors: 5 Ways To Make Editors Thankful

There are two types of outreachers. Those who understand how their emails are received and those who do not. The former enjoy greater success, while the latter bemoan less lousy response rates, time wastage and cranky editors. While it is true that editors have their nit picky preferences, the adage “He who has the gold makes...

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An Extremely Good Google Map Spammer

So I have been doing a bit of work in the pest control scene lately, and I have come a cross a rather good listing. Their company name happened to be “city of choice” Pest Control. And when I clicked through to their site it was a dynamic one page site that will gather 3...

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