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Are Stars in Google Search Results a Thing of the Past for Lawyers?

People are accustomed to seeing star ratings (also known as “Review Rich Snippets”) in Google’s organic search results. For example: Previously, anyone could implement a piece of “schema” code on their website which would tell Google to display review stars for specific pages in their organic search results. While many law firms have been adding...

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Local Service Ads for Lawyers

Local Service Ads are now available for law firms in select locations and practice areas. And so it begins… It’s true, Local Service Ads are now available for law firms in select locations and practice areas. While Google still has a limited offering on this platform for law firms, it’s almost certain to expand in...

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Nifty Halloween Photo Contest

Nifty Halloween Halloween is a fun time of year. We decided to make it even more fun here at Nifty. We started a little competition to see who could take the most awkward/random/funny picture this year. To make it interesting, the winner gets a $500 Amazon gift card. To determine the winner we need your...

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Introducing NiftyLaw

When I started I honestly had no idea the whirlwind years that would follow. My first goal was very simple. I wanted to find a way to live in Burley, Idaho and not have to rely solely on the local community for income.

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Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Pictures

Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Pictures So I bought a new camera recently and wanted to test it out during some of the sessions I was in at Pubcon Nola. No, I didn’t just get the camera for a business write off.  I am going to keep adding to this page. Feel free to use the...

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Me Vs. Matt Cutts [A Infographic]

Many moons ago I heard about which promised to be the upcoming place to explore, share, and create stellar infographics. They stated that they were developing a place that would allow a person to create stunning visual data without having a creative bone in the body. So, like any visually challenged fool I signed...

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