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How To Claim Your Facebook Places Page

With all of the hot talk surrounding the announcement that FaceBook is now doing check-ins I thought it would be interesting to see the process to claiming your business listing. So, sit back enjoy the snapshots and get ready to start marketing your new check in opportunities. Step 1 – Update your iPhone Facebook App...

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Small Business Blogs That Actually Work

It seems that more and more businesses are understanding that they need to have a blog whether they are practicing law, or selling brownies. They have heard that “blogging” is a great way to close the gap between businesses and consumers, so they picked their software of choice and added a blog to their site....

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My Thoughts on Where Google Organic Search Results Went

I just read Aaron Wall’s post Excuse Me Where Did Google’s Organic Search Results Go? that seemed to spark a bit of conversation in the comment section. The article highlights the changes taking place on the SERPS, and gives great advice to organic seo’ers on future steps to take.  The best part of the article...

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