SEO at Christmas

Posted on December 15th, by Jami Heward in Blog, Link Building, SEO, Social Media. No Comments

Are you taking advantage during the holiday season? The Holiday season is an important time to make sure you’re doing what you need to be doing on your website in order to direct traffic to your website. Here are a few tips to help you take full advantage of the holidays using SEO tactics. Tip [...]

Click Study Test: The New Google Local Stack

Posted on December 3rd, by Mike Ramsey in Local Search. 8 comments

Click Study Test: The New Google Local Stack Now that the local search industry has decided what to call the newly replaced local carousel results  (Local Stack has a heavy lead) I thought it was high time we ran some tests through Usability Hub. First Study: “Salt Lake City Hotel” Question Asked: Imagine you need [...]

Stuff Yourself on Quality SEO Learning This Weekend

Posted on November 26th, by McKenzie Mortensen in Random, SEO. 1 Comment

Stuff Yourself on Quality SEO Learning This Weekend With Thanksgiving just hours away, I’m sure you have been thinking, if not daydreaming, about all the food you’re going to eat. In that daydream, which of the options below appear in your vision? Image A or B? Of course you want to devour B! This is [...]

Nifty Halloween Photo Contest

Posted on November 3rd, by NiftyDax in Random. 1 Comment

Nifty Halloween Halloween is a fun time of year. We decided to make it even more fun here at Nifty. We started a little competition to see who could take the most awkward/random/funny picture this year. To make it interesting, the winner gets a $500 Amazon gift card. To determine the winner we need your [...]

Design & SEO SUX

Posted on October 21st, by Taylor Souza in Random, SEO, Web Design. 3 comments

Design & SEO SUX Design and SEO go hand in hand, like teenage girls and vampires, copy and paste, or mustaches and creepers. Design without SEO is just a bunch of hipsters putting pretty pictures on a website that no one will see while SEO without design is just a bunch of people optimizing a [...]