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Stuff Yourself on Quality SEO Learning This Weekend

With Thanksgiving just hours away, I’m sure you have been thinking, if not daydreaming, about all the food you’re going to eat. In that daydream, which of the options below appear in your vision? Image A or B? Of course you want to devour B! This is not your first Thanksgiving. You’ve chewed your way...

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One Does Not Simply Get To The Top Of Google

  There are a million ways to say this, and at least half of them have already been made into amazing memes- usually featuring Sean Bean as Boromir from Lord of the Rings. One of the toughest things about search engines is all the moving parts. Google professes to considering over 200 ranking factors, and...

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Nifty Halloween Photo Contest

Nifty Halloween Halloween is a fun time of year. We decided to make it even more fun here at Nifty. We started a little competition to see who could take the most awkward/random/funny picture this year. To make it interesting, the winner gets a $500 Amazon gift card. To determine the winner we need your...

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The Nifty Guide To Google Penguin for Attorneys and Law Firms

Worried about the latest Penguin refresh? You’re joining a big club. Google’s cuddly little black and white non-flying bird takes frightening to a whole new level. In fact, this year for Halloween, we’re all going as Penguins. It might not scare any kids, but we’re pretty sure any business owners will pee their pants when...

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Design & SEO SUX

Design and SEO go hand in hand, like teenage girls and vampires, copy and paste, or mustaches and creepers. Design without SEO is just a bunch of hipsters putting pretty pictures on a website that no one will see while SEO without design is just a bunch of people optimizing a 1970’s website that no...

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Finding Moz DA, PA From a List of URLs

Competitor analysis is an indispensable part of our audit process here at Nifty. We use it to identify current and potential competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and it helps us deliver custom strategies that work. But, there is one thing I can’t stand, and that is sifting through the three “P’s” (poker, pills, p-nog) and let’s...

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How To: Basic PPC Account Review

Google Pay Per Click for Attorneys. It can suck. There, I said it. It’s expensive, it can be confusing, and many times attorneys come to us feeling like their old account manager has been ripping them off.  But it works. We see it all the time. If it didn’t, big firms would not be spending over $100k...

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Blogging For Lawyers

The ability to express yourself through words has been around since well, your grandpa had a grandpa and that grandpa had a grandpa and his grandpa was praying to the thunder God Zeus! These days our words can act like a fishing net, capturing a variety of audiences and eyes. Why not use that net...

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