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Google Adwords Offline Promotion Through The Local Business Center

I got a letter from Google today with $100 worth of free advertising. The letter is being sent out to businesses with claimed LBC listings and starts out saying “You already use Google’s Local Business Center to help customers discover your business online when they search locally on Google or Google Maps.” Then goes on …

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Local Business Listings Webinar Report

I have just finished watching the local business listings webinar on search marketing now and I have a few thought…and a few questions. My Thoughts First off and most important is  localeze N.A.P. Gib referred to this quite often and explained NAP as Name Address Phone Number

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IfByPhone vs. Moongoose Metrics for Google Analytics Call Tracking part 1

My Cliff Hanger Intro So, I had a professor in college, Kent Lundin, who was an internet marketing enthusiast. He created 2 classes for the university based on the subject. One was a crash course on Google adwords and analytics. The other one which I took my last semester was “Created an online business” where …

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