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Local Search Talk Series Part 8: David Mihm Interview

I know that it has been a while since our last Local Search Talk Series. But, this interview was well worth the wait. I held this interview in my draft box for a specific reason. You see, in Idaho we do family reunions. Now, these aren’t a get together and have a meal reunion…these are everybody gets...

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Local Search Talk Series Part 4: Chris Silver Smith Interview

Next up on our local search talk series is Chris Silver Smith. He has consistently put out some of the best information on local search I have read to date. Chris has served as the  Head of the Technology & Advanced Development Department of Verizon (, and currently is the Director of Optimization Strategies for KeyRelevance. Just...

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Google Local Business Ads Displaying Everywhere

Everyone within the local search space has been aware of Google’s local ad tests that they have been running in Houston and San Fransisco. Well, upon an early run through on a few of my clients listings, it seems that the option has been opened to the entire Local Business Center as you can see...

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